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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 25, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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young men in prison? and are they better off with the e elder people on the sidewalks of the government-issued homes and are they happier were when they were in front of their own homes with their chickens and the gardens and the gardens around them, and the men having something to do? >> joining me now is michael who is a correspondent for the daily beast, and we have not seen you in a while, michael, and it is a perfect way to get this started with you on this friday, and talk about this, his remarks comparing his remarks to rosa parks and wanting the same thing the as martin luther king, and what is the next step for this man? >> well, to go away, and start to get some decent public relations advice and the first piece of which is to be to go
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away. there are more steps here for the republican party, tamron which is a more interesting question for him, and the conservative movement, and he is a registered republican. and now, you know, i would not say that he represents all republicans by any stretch of the imagination, and obviously, most republicans i believe don't hold those kind of views, but look, this is a president tern. you can't put this away as a coincidence. cliven bundy expressing these view views and the local republican officials and how many times in the obama era these guys and gals sending these joke e-mails around to their friends of a watermelon patch in the white house and so on and so forth? this is a problem within the republican party, and within their rank and file, and it is fine for dean heller and the others to denounce the remarks by this man, but it is an ongoing problem within the republican party, and they won't deal with it, and any time me who points it out, i get 1,000
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tweets saying that i'm the racist. >> and as you have pointed out, a lot of the conservatives today and yesterday coming out saying that his comments were reprehensible, and you have a few who pivot back to the issue of what is at the heart of why this man made national news in that he was in a sense stealing from the federal government allowing his animals to graze on the federal lands, and so you have a few who say, yeah, yeah, that is terrible what he said, and awful what he said about blacks, but he is right in this debate. and that is in itself stunning, michael, because of this c confrontation around these individuals who support him point i pointing the guns arm and ready to go against the federal officers and i'm surprised no more outrage regard iing that before we even got to the talk of race. >> yeah, i am, too. and the federal government backed down on this one, at least for the time being they did, and they are going to restrategize and see what they
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can do about that now, but, yes, this is what hannity did last night, and i watched him who has been bundy's greatest champion in the media, and he started out at the top of the show, and denounced bundy's remarks as all of them have, but he quickly moved to the question of however the federal government is putting its jack boot on these people's throats, cliven bun dirks and i will call them on it and say, that and you are right, with we need to keep debating that point, too, because that is really important. >> and as i mentioned, he gave another interview this morning where people have called it bizarre and seems like he is coming unhinged here. is it likely that we will see, you know, this guy being called a patriot any time soon? i guess at the heart of what i am saying, will a lawmaker go rogue and say, he is still a patriot or have they ran for the woods when it comes to the guy? >> well, that is a good question.
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you know, i don't think that we are going to see that. i am trying to think through my mind here as you ask that question, because there are a lot of pretty extreme tea party candidates out there, and we never know what we will hear out of some of the people's mouths, and i sure did not expect to hear what todd akin said a couple of years ago, so i won't give you a blanket no on that, but it would be surprising. >> all right. michael, great pleasure to have you on and we love your insight on these things. okay. right now, we are following developing news in northwestern university where players are in the middle of a monumental vote on whether to unionize, and they are gathering to cast their secret ballot. 76 players are eligible to vote. the vote comes a month after the regional director of the national relations labor board took the historic step to say that players should be
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considered employees under the federal law and allowed to unionize. joining me outside is our managing editor, and we won't e know the results of this for a long time because of the appeal s and the procedures in order, right? >> that is right. as you said, the regional director is allowing them to be employ employee employees, and that is something that has to be reviewed by the national board of labor relations, and whatever happens in the vote today, the vote is not counted or looked at until after the board decides the national board decides whether to uphold that regional director's judgment or deny it or modify it in some way. >> what kind of pressure are the players under right now? i say it from both sides, because you have the wire citing a letter from "the new york times," coach pat fitzgerald e-mailed to the team, according to "the new york times" part of the letter reads that i know
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down in my heart that the downside of joining a union is nothing bigger than forming a union on the upside. >> well, pat fitzgerald is extremely supported, and they are supporting the quarterback who is also involved in the cause, and that is why they wanted to sign the union cards and all that, but they are feeling, and the people are afraid of what could happen. if they are give n the right to unionize, and thus, given the right to collectively bargain, that is a big thing that could happ happen. it could be having small consequences, but it could have huge consequences, and people are afraid of the unknown, and that is true of the coaching staff and true of the ncaa, and also true of the players, and many of whom have a very good life as it is now at northwestern. or wherever else, and
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northwestern is a stand-in here. and there is nervousness about what might we do to upset that, and it is not all bad as much as clearly the system needs improving. >> and within the ranks of the players, i mean, they are divided even on the same team here. it brings, you know, i guess me back again to the pressure question that i asked you about. these are young men and it is hard enough once you are out of school and you are in a real world environment, but they are the there, and this is as i said, historic, and something with the major ramification cans, and also could divide the team. >> no question. i think that there is a lot of pressure, and the quarterback came forward and said that he was not in favor of unionizing, and we don't, and there are 76 players as you mentioned who are eligible to vote, and some of them may choose not to, and you don't have to vote obviously, but we will see how many of them decide to cast the ballot, and there is pressure, and it should be secret ballot and they should speak their mind freely in the
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vote. but no question, that the pressure to not shake it up when you are on a tightly-knit team like that. and we know how close the college football teams or any college team can get. >> all right. kostya, thank you for joining us with this ongoing move with the student athletes. and a man is in custody after triggering a major scare on a flight to bali. and the authorities say that the highly intoxicated man was trying to break into the cockpit of a virgin airlines flight. he has been identified as christopher lockley, a nd tnd t was initially reported as a hijacking with the pilot declaring a emergency, and katy tur is in australia with more on the frightening flight. >> reporter: draw many in the air overnight when a young man rushed the cockpit of a virgin a australia pain with 137 passengers on board. the man reportedly made it to
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the locked cockpit door and pounding and banging and trying to get to where the pilots were flying the plane. the pilots then broadcast this secret code to the ground control of a possible hijacking, but before the man could get into the cockpit, the flight crew grabbed him and handcuffed him to a seat in the back of the plane. authorities said later that the man was severely drunk. the flight from brisbane to bali landed safely with everybody on board safe and unharmed. the man is now being interrogated by indonesian officials. >> that was katy tur there in australia. and virgin australia said that at no time the flight was in danger and the man was unarmed, but nevertheless, scary. and now the reaction to justice john paul stevens saying that the federal government should legalize marijuana. >> the distinction between
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marijuana and alcoholic beverages is not really much of a distinction. >> and up next, the director of the american drug policy alliance says that the justice's comments suggest mainstream legalization of pot. and this weekend, c controversy is growing over pope john paul ii's sainthood as the critics believe that he mishandled the church's sexual abuse scandal. >> and suzanne sommers is going to join us live to talk about her storied tv career and thighmaster and the debate over hormone replacement therapy. the 67-year-old will join us to talk about her new book as well, "sexy forever." and join the conversation on twitter, and whether you are sexy or not, we want to hear from you at tamron hall@"newsnation." ♪ i know a thing about an ira
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and now to the ongoing debate over the legalization of marijuana. for the first time someone who has served on a u.s. supreme court is coming out in support of legalizing pot. 94-year-old justice john paul stevens retired from the court, but the new comments in an interview with npr are adding fire to the debate. >> yes. we may have just made some news. i really think that it is really another instance where the public opinion has changed and recognizing the distinction between marijuana and alcoholic beverages is not really much of a distinction. alcoholic prohibition against the selling and the dispensing of alcoholic beverages with the
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j general consensus, it is not worth the cost, and i believe that will be the general consensus with respect to this particular drug. >> and joining me is the deputy director of the drug policy alliance, steven. and steve, in respect to the justice's comments on how we see it today, how do you see it? >> just as he is a member of the marijuana majority, and the highest ranking official by far to validate the legalization, validating what poll after poll americans want, which is for marijuana to be controlled and regulated like alcohol. and what apparently even more americans believe which is that the era of waisteful counter
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productive prohibition is tipping. >> and this is interesting, because on the "wall street journal" poll says that more people are concerned about sugar than marijuana and 24% tobacco, and 20% alcohol, and 8% marijuana and 24% sugar. and what is interesting about the comments here is that the age of justice stevens, and people will see, that 4/20 and the legalization of pot is the young person's side of the conversation or often try to pit the lawmakers against the so-called average citizens, and here he is a justice of the supreme court, and someone in his 90s who sees it as you point out the marijuana majority. >> well, that is exactly right. it is reflecting what has happened demographically in the country which is that we are seeing not just young people and certainly super majorities of the people across the
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ideological spectrum under the age of 30, but we are seeing the americans in the 30s and the 40s and the 50s and the 60s in all regions of the country, and certainly the majorities of the independents at this point, but certainly majorities of people on the right, and it is a mainstream issue in this country where increasingly what people want is to choose control e over chaos. they want to bring marijuana out of the underground economy into the light of day, and under the rule of law once and for all. >> and to the point, the underground economy, and we have seen some of the figures coming out of colorado and when you hear the supreme court justice talking about not worth the cost, you also think of not worth the lives of the people put behind bars and disproportionately people of color, brown and plaque wblack been convicted of marijuana. i want to the play what chris christie said earlier this week that set off a war of words with
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j jersey, and colorado on this issue. >> i don't care about the tax money that may come from it, and i don't care quite frankly that people think it sin evidentable. it is not inevitable here, and i will not permit it, never as long as i am governor, and if you want to elect somebody else willing to legalize marijuana and expose our children to the gateway drug and the brain, you have to live with yourselves who does that, but it is not this governor who does it. >> and these debates oftentims,s steven, it boils down is the person on the wrong side of history, and we ask that a lot, and it seems to be the question of the legalization of pot. >> that is right. that governor is actually out of the alignment with most of the voters in new jersey. this may have more to do with the 2016 presidential politics and what it takes to be the nominee of the republican party, but i think that we are actually going to see that shift in the next couple of years. i wouldn't be surprised to see several nominees among the democrats in 2016 and possibly
8:19 am
some, and some on the right. rand paul among the most outspoken critics of the drug war, and for reforming the criminal justice system in this country, but for the most part what we are really seeing is that americans are done with treating marijuana as a crime with the mass arrests of the low level drug offenders in general and marijuana in particular. that is something like upwards of 3/4 of a million people arrested for marijuana offenses in the kcountry. as you say, based on the selective enforcement of those law laws, egregious and disgusting race-based disparities that means that african-americans and latinos are three, five, ten times more likely to be arrested for possessing tiny amounts of marijuana, even though we can consume and even sell marijuana at the same rates across lines of race and ethnicity. >> thank you very much, steven, for joining us, and reacting to
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this, and this has a lot of people talking. thank you. i won't say a lot of people buzzing as you nknow. >> right. >> and coming up, new steps to fight the surging cases of measles that has reached a near 20-year high. >> because we are seeing the increase in the cases of measles a lot of young doctors have not seen the measles so we are trying to educate them for the things to watch out for. >> and now the health officials are hitting back at the growing number of parents who are not vaccinating their children. more on the debate. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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vaccinated. one specialist says that the vaccines are some of the safest medications available, but rumor s and conspiracy theories still spread. young parents to dday have not seen the disease, and they don't respect and fear them. that is the quote there, and many of the cases from the cases have come from the philippines in the middle of a huge outbreak, and the virus is highly contagious, and it can linger in the air for hours. >> measles are circulating around the world. it is an nane airplane away, an we need people not to be complacent, and vaccinate the kids and make shure they are up to date on the vaccines. >> and joining me is art from the national world health
8:25 am
organizati organization. >> and people can be here in a mt. er of only reasonable course is to get your kids vaccinated. >> and the interesting kate is to be on people who are not vaccinated and the bulk come from wealthy and educated families where the parents intentionally choose not to immunize them due to concerns of vaccine wealthy, and the wealthy children can then spread the measles after going on vacations to europe which has had large outbreaks for years. >> and some people say they don't understand the vaccination or see the need for it, because we see the pockets of resistance in well educated people and famous people, and they get on the internet, and people read them, and they say that it is responsible for autism, and it has been debunked, and the lesson is to get your kid immunized. >> and it is also particularly important for doctors to understand how the doctors are
8:26 am
even viewing this. let's play that. >> because we are seeing an inkre increase in the cases of measles, a lot of the younger doctors have not seen measles so we are trying to educate them on the things to watch out for. >> and you know, i want to educate doctor s s to recognizee measles, but what i want to emphasize is that you have to get the shots. don't opt out or exempt. remember, if you don't get the shots, we don't get herd immuni immunity. and if people don't get the vaccine, they are riding on the coattails of those who are. and so don't be the free rider. get your kids vaccinated. >> thank you, art. and we will discuss what happens if the president obama is planning to raise sanctions. >> we are looking at raising the cost can for russia while still leaving the possibility of them moving in a different direction. >> we will have the latest on what the president said and the
8:27 am
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[ angelic music plays ] ♪ toaster strudel! best morning ever! [ hans ] warm, flaky, gooey. toaster strudel! time now for the "newsnation" postscript. this week the supreme court dealt a blow to affirmative action programs. and attorney general eric holder calls for renewed changes in sentencing reform. and ukraine changes. well, by a vote of 6-2, michigan voters did nothing wrong in their state regarding affirmative action according to the supreme court. and we have to reduce the sentences, and the new and improved approach will make the
8:31 am
criteria for clemency wider and more expansive. >> the cold war was easier thandi ploem si than diplomacy is today. >> we call for men in masks and unmarked uniforms to the stop the violence in the region of ukraine. >> and the vice president is saying, if they -- well, they are. >> and so when we see greater escalation, and perhaps even military the incursion by russia into ukraine, we are prepared for the sort of sectorial sanctions that would have even larger consequences. >> and that is president obama speaking this morning during his visit to south korea, and this morning, the president held a call with key leaders including david cameron and angela merkel about imposing more sanctions on
8:32 am
russia, and jim maceda is on the ground there with latest developments. jim, i understand that you had an interesting meeting that ra rarely happens in particularly this crisis now. >> that is right, tamron. it is rare for a reporter to be on the both sides of the conflict on the same day, but we had a chance to do that today. the pro ukrainian side, and the pro russian side. start with the ukrainian area where there is a stronghold for the pro russia militants, and we tried to speak to them, but they were intense, and ukrainian soldiers and military policeman ing a blockade and literally concrete blocks that are spread across the main road to the border. this blockade is a piece of the kiev government announced today as the second phase of the military operations to take back ooccupied towns from the pro-russian insurgents and not
8:33 am
by attacking other towns in some m major offensive that might cause a number of casualties and of course give vladimir putin an excuse to intervene here mi militarily, but to rather cut off to blockade slovyansk areas. so that is the key to circle an occupied town and then try to negotiate the surrender. and now what is going on inside of slovyansk, we got the talk to people there going about the business in a surreal way with all of this going on a few miles away. we asked them how they were feeling, and they said they were afraid for their children, and the pro russian militants did answer questions, and they are also nervous, and armed and wearing the camouflaged masks
8:34 am
and uniforms and bracing for a fight. they have been beefing up the positions in town since we were there in slovyansk on sunday, and these fighters are telling us that they refuse to back down and that the threat is now literally a few miles down the road. they say they will fight the government forces to the last drop of blood, but it looks like, tamron, that the government is not willing to give them that opportunity. >> all right. jim, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. we are on the verge of an incredibly historic weekend of the world's 1.2 billion catholics of the sainthood of not one, but two popes for the first time ever. however the unprecedented event is generating some controversy. pope john paul ii, and pope john paul will be canonized at the vatican sunday. pope john paul xxiiird led the church from 1958 to 1963 and credited with modernized the church, and pope john paul ii made him the most visible pope
8:35 am
in history traveling the world, and credited to bring down communism. the road to sainthood arose almost immediately after his death. and questions are being raised whether it happened too soon and whether he deserves the honor. greg burke addressed some of the criticism this morning on "today" show. >> pope benedict, really, we thought he was one of the most conservative popes in the world, until he resigned of course, but a prudent man, and somebody who knew pope john paul ii and worked with him for the better part of 25 years,nd he is the one who signed off on the five-year wait before the process starts, and pope benedict did that, and that is one thing that said that it was going forward and also the 1 million people who came for his funeral mass.
8:36 am
>> and now joining us is the pastor of our lady of mercy church out of baton rouge, louisiana. pastor, thank you for joining us. >> great. thanks to be here, and it is going to be a wonderful sunday celebration. >> and it seems to shape up for that and the millions who want to be there, but we both know there is criticism from some who say particularly in the case of pope john paul ii, that history has not cop colluded how the child sexual abuse scandal was handled under his leadership, and statement from snap says that looking at the long-term pattern, we are fools if we expect catholic officials to reform, the canonization of pope john paul ii for decades presided over thousands of clergyis ex crimes and cover-ups is the latest and the most hurt
8:37 am
ful act of the church. >> well, we are saying that the man is not perfect, but the church is holy, ap not because the people are holy, but because god is holy, and he has promised to be with the church always until the end of time. and so when e ever you have something even as unpleasant as the abuse scandals, everyday is a good day for the truth. and even though it has been a terrible blemish on the life of the church, the church has certainly moved to make progress in addressing this issue, in challenging others to address it in their institutions as well. and so, the sanctity of john paul the second, you know, rests not in his having been a perfect individual, but rather in the holiness of which he lived his life, and the integrity and the faith and the devotion and the sacrifice, and that is what is celebrating, a man who has been a great, great leader for the
8:38 am
church. >> in reregarding the time line again, and even without the te questions regarding how the church handled the abuse scandal is this what they call a fast track for pope john paul ii or within the realm of how the procedure goes? >> well, in is definitely the fast track. you know, some people would say that things don't move too fast at the vatican, so this is actually a wonderful, wonderful thing. it is the prerogative of the pope to move certain things along, and i think that is what happened with pope benedict, but you know, there was nothing more powerful or moving than on the day of john paul ii's funeral when they turned his body to face the people in the square, and just having hundreds of thousands of people yelling "make him a saint" immediately, and that is an awesome thing and it gives me goosebumps to even
8:39 am
think about it. it is the faith of the people, and the spirit of god living in people really rising up at that moment to proclaim important truth, and that is what is recognize recognized. >> thank you, father milano, and we appreciate your time and look forward to the events on sunday. thank you. >> great. tamron, god bless. >> thank you, father. and msnbc will have live coverage of the ceremony this sunday starting at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. and coming up, first lady michelle obama is not going the speak at a commencement ceremony, because of the concern of families. this is what we thought you should know. >> i am doing it because i want to. and i'm doing it because i'm having fun. olympian michael phelps coming out of retirement, and in the first race faces his good friend and rival ryan lochte and it is one of the things that we are following here on "newsnation." t before going for a world record.
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a frightening school bus crash in southern california is topping the news op "newsnation" today. officials say that a driver went up a steep hillside and some 7th and 8th graders were returning from after-school activity and at least a dozen people were injured, and the driver is in critical condition. and paul walker's last movie opens to i d.a. he plays a cop trying to take down a drug lord in "brick mansion" and the star died in the car crash back in november. >> and olympian michael phelps will face ryan lochte today. lochte beat phelps in the olick picks b -- olympics.
8:44 am
but phelps said that he has taken off time, and gained 30 pounds, but he still looks great. and summer road trips around the corner, parents have a new way to keep an eye on the kids. the latest survey shows that half of all teens talk on the phone, and one-third swap text messages and half say that they have been in a vehicle with a driver whose phone use puts them at risk. and statistics are shown that teen i drivers are likely to get in a teen crash than someone under 80. and now there are apps to alert parents when a teen tries to beat the system. russ from the national highway safety administration, and there are a couple of apps out there, and talk about it, because it is fair to note that it is not just the teenagers who do it, and we
8:45 am
focus on the driving from teen, because they are the newest to the road, but we see the adults as well doing the same thing. >> and well, you know, almost 3,000 teenagers died in motor vehicle crashes in 2012. it is a big public health proble problem, and that is why it is important to limit teens, limit their exposure to the riskiest situations like driving at night, and driving with other teens in the car, and also limit their distractions, and most of the states have laws that restrict some is types of phone use like banning handheld phone use or banning texting while driving and we have not seen that the laws have had any effect on reducing phone use by teens behind the wheel. so technology could be one way to address the problems that technology has brought into the vehicle. >> absolutely. so cell phone control and safety are kcompeting for a teen to shutdown a device if it is in
8:46 am
use particularly amongst the teens. and the money thing f a parent has something like this, does it reduce the cost of insurance for your teen driver which tends to be high, because they are new no the road? >> well, in some cases, it might, because there are some systems available through the insurance companies, but, you know, look at the various devices, or the various apps, we have not studied them to see if they have reduced crashes, but in looking at a at the ones on the market, we find that the ones that have a very strong oversight function, and that is the ones that can alert the parents if a teen tries to overrooid the system or tamper with the system by alerting a parent through the secure website or sending them a text or e-mail. and those are probably the best systems. there is also a system that some of the systems use the gps in the phone to detect when the vehicle is moving, but the most robust ones plug into the electronics port under the
8:47 am
instruments panel, and we found those were more accurate to detect when the vehicle is movi moving. >> i love that it can be installed in the home computer and use your tab llet or mobile device to authorize and keep an eye n to teen drivers who we n cannot say it enough, they are new no the road and believe they are invincible, and can handle the situation, but we know that from the numbers bad things can happen. >> and be clear that some of the app apps, they are aimed at the cell phone, but they limit distractions from the phone, but it does not mean they limit all of the distractions. and distraction is a big problem, and not just from the phones. >> and yes, my mom used to say you have to drive for the other person and not just for yourself. >> and thank you, mark. and this morning, schools are issuing warnings that selfies are not allowed at ceremonies. especially not on stage. what do you think? that is the subject of our gut check. and this is the thigh master. >> remember that?
8:48 am
that is suzanne sommers in the 1995 thigh masters ad and she has earned a spot in the informercial hall of fame after selling, get this, more than 10 million thigh masters. we should all have nice thighs after that, and we will talk with suzanne sommers live next. ♪ i know a thing about an ira ♪ and i got the tools ♪ to do it my way ♪ i got a lock on equities ♪ that's why i'm type e ♪ ♪ that's why i'm tyyyyype eeeee, ♪
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(mom) when our little girl was we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. there's a lot going on this morning. here's some things we just thought you should know. first lady michelle obama won't be speaking at graduation for high school seniors in topeka, kansas. some parents were concerned the first lady's appearance would drastically limit seating and mrs. obama's speech would outshine the graduates. the white house says once it learned about the concern, it wanted to learn about the situation. the district worked out a new plan for mrs. obama to speak on the 16th, senior recognition day, and it will be scrap the
8:52 am
plan for the five schools to have one ceremony. so popular. celebrities do it. the president and vice president as well. there's even a song about it. i'm talking of course about selfies. one university feels the trend has gotten so out of hand it issued a warning to its seniors. no selfies at graduation. university of south florida division of student affairs sent a notice to all graduating seniors asking them to refrain from any inappropriate behavior at the ceremony, including taking selfies on stage as they are getting their diplomas. pictures would slow downs the commencement. that is not the only school banning them. rhode island and bryant have issued stern warnings against them. students could face withholding of their diploma. what does your gut tell you? go to newsnation.
8:53 am
she made the country fall in love with her 40 years ago as a bubbling blonde. chrissy snow. she wrote 20 books, acting and of course becoming an infomercial god else and home shopping star. next week we will be inducted into the infomercial hall of fame. with us this friday, suzanne somers. >> you are the only person i know that looks beautiful on skype. usually on skype you look pretty busted, but you look great here. >> thank you. >> congratulations on being inducted into the infomercial hall of fame. i think when we said your age on air, 67, people gasp. half said what's her secret. the other saying i feel old now. i remember watching her as chrissy. is it a happy heart or some beauty secret. >> well, there's a new way to age. it's the theme of my lectures
8:54 am
and what i write about. i write about hormones. they are why i feel so good. i eat right, grow my own vegetables. i'm very in love. i have been with my husband 46 years. all those things make you feel good about yourself. i wake up every day happy. i actually program myself to be happy every day. >> how do you program yourself to be happy? >> well, you know, the human bead is made up of approximately 60,000 to 90,000 cells. every cell communicates with every other cell. every morning i isolate one cell and i tell that cell how happy and grateful i am for the life i have. i have one of those stories where it never should have happened to me. i envision it running off to all the other cells saying we're
8:55 am
grateful, this should never have happened to us. just one cell. >> just one cell a day. we will see if it works for me too. with the success of course, your acting career and then turning into this business woman. i remember looking at the thigh master ads during the soap operas when i was with my aunt in the middle of the day. did you ever imagine 10 million of these would be sold? what do you think it was that resonated? >> do you know how it started? in 1990, i brought a pair of shoes that were $565. that's like spending $2500 for a pair of shoes now. i was in the dressing room and i thought my husband is going to think i was so stupid for buying a pair of shoes. i was standing in my underwear
8:56 am
and i walked out and said do you like my shoes. and he said great legs. and i thought, that's the commercial. actually the shoes i wore in the commercial are the $565 shoes. i was able to amortize those. the camera worked out my legs. we stopped counting at 10 million. 123 countries around the world. i fought my husband all the way around the world. i said i'm coming from primetime television. nobody does infomercials. they were a cheap brand at the time. >> well, it resonated. you won definitely. we appreciate you joining us today. i could talk to you of course forever. newer new book is out "i'm too young for this." i'm going to go get out my thigh master. >> i have my thigh master here. >> of course you do. >> go to and
8:57 am
see all that's going up. >> up next andrea mitchell reports. [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira is proven to help relieve pain
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right now on andrea mitchell reports, final warning. president obama gets on the phone with european leaders trying to roundup a tougher round of sanctions against russia. >> what's also important is laying the groundwork so if and when we see even greater escalation, perhaps even military incursion by russia into ukraine, we have a series of additional targeted sanctions that are ready to go. >> the putin factor. despite the tensions with putin, the president asked if he would save vladimir putin if he were drowning. >> i absolutely would save mr. putin if he were drowning. i would like to think that if anybody is out there


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